Dearest ______,

There is a particular Urban myth that’s proven to be more convincing than most folklore:

it’s this belief that one can get more from life in the city.


As with most tales, this thought tickles some people’s imaginations.

Is this why we flock into cities to lead lives fuelled by caffeine  and our relentless pursuit of personal causes?


Sometimes, we just like seeing city lights flicker at night.

“Each glow is a manifestation of one dream heaved out unto the darkness,” we quietly think.


Sometimes, we just like hearing the buildings moan and pulsate after many years of use.

We stroke the walls as we run down the stairs because we know exactly how they feel.


Despite all this flickering and noise, we stay on.

There’s always going to be some form of peace- or its opposite- anywhere we go.



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Photography and text by Author unless otherwise stated. All rights reserved.

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