time in space

Dearest ______,

Call it occupational hazard, but I’ve actually learned how to measure time using an acute sense of space.

Space, as in the physical dimensions of height, width, depth; Space, as in pillows and beds and things strewn about particular stretches of days, months, years in one’s life.

1 Space 1.0
A bunch of white orchids in an empty bottle of rum. By way of a little more than these two things, learning to make one’s head (board) constantly occupied.
May 2007-August 2007

2 Space 1.0
The little amount of stuff flown over from Manila, one of which was a book on Cleopatra. A leopardess, she was.
May 2007-August 2007

3 Space 1.0
A small sculpture of a Buddhist deity purchased from a second- hand shop in Bedok, haggled down to 2 dollars.
May 2007-August 2007

4 Space 2.0
Welcomed solitude in a little corner by the window; small bed and the bigness of one’s first sense of freedom.
August 2007-March 2008

5 Space 2.0
Happy chaos is chaos nonetheless- on walls, on knick-knackery, on dusty books on the floor.
August 2007-March 2008

7 Space 3.0
The fascination in little things. Almost myopic. And they say it’s the accumulation of little things that tip the scale, break the shelf.
March 2008-March 2010

6 Space 3.0
Pasting a collage of what remained of the old room inside a supposedly empty space, almost shrine- like.
How then does one expect to forget, oh messy soul?
March 2008-March 2010

8 Space 3.0
More little things. Rain boots, glow sticks, old signages, wicker baskets, molten candles, etc.
March 2008-March 2010

9 Space 3.0
More little things. Tiny tea sets, tiny dolls, pearls, shiny hair clips, etc.
March 2008-March 2010

10 Space 4.0
Old furniture, beautiful light.
March 2010-March 2012

12 Space 4.0
A significant diminishing of clutter, less and less images pasted on the walls.
March 2010-March 2012

11 Space 4.0
Reading materials (some, more embarrassing than others) finally off the floor in a proper place.
March 2010-March 2012

13 Space 4.0
New additions to the bed. Fear of the Boogie Man almost laid to rest.
March 2010-March 2012

14 Space 5.0
Only keeping the fewest things that can remind one of the time.
March 2012-Present

15 Space 5.0
Of time- telling, books are a constant reminder of time themselves. Only in reading, time is ever- changing, ever- contradictory.
Today, one is lying down in bed with a book while simultaneously attending a swinging good party in 1920’s New York.
March 2012-Present

16 Space 5.0
Sharing a simply made bed with a clean- freak roommate is bringing all sorts of Zen-ness in daily life.
March 2012-Present

17 Space 5.0
One of the best additions in any space, by far, is a friendly, snort-y pug.
March 2012-Present

Singapore time in spaces, so far.



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Photography and text by Author unless otherwise stated. All rights reserved.

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