N x W

Dearest ______,

If you remember that one letter where I wrote about my friend Wetworks (a.k.a. Wwwetworks), you’d know that he’s a toy- maker who has been sending his works all over the world for sale and exhibitions. His latest piece is a tandem made up of a robo- hipster named Norton and his galactic navigator Watson.


The latter, of course, is based on our very own curious pug at home.
Hence the name Watson!

For his next collaborative exhibition at Pop Con Asia 2014 (Jakarta, Indonesia), he generously gave me one of the slots to interpret his N x W series!

As with all things creative, first came the idea:

I liberally took a page off of Antoine de Saint Exupery’s Le Petit Prince.
That one chapter with the beautifully- drawn Baobab trees.
“When I made the drawing of the baobabs I was carried beyond myself by the inspiring force of urgent necessity.” Exupery’s Pilot notes.

Visually, I have always been fascinated by the concept of proportion, or the blatant disregard of it.

There’s something very interesting about ever- changing perceptions of a subject when it is presented in varying contexts.
The illustrated Baobab trees in Exupery’s book are gigantic on an overridden, small planet. And yet they’re quite minuscule in the face of the entire universe.

And so I started buying materials based on the idea of an overgrowth of trees, excitedly thinking how that would play out with Norton’s and Watson’s varying proportions.

Being that I’ve never actually customised a toy before, Wetworks was kind enough to lend me some of his excess painting tools:

I roughly sketched out a few options for the actual layout.

Then I made a preliminary prototype to see how it would actually look in 3D.

Just a week ago, I’d already gotten my personal Watson figure, on which I’d previously tested the paints on.
photo 1

Owing to my architectural training of rendering in water colour and wash, I find that this kind of weathered and/or muted output comes naturally to me:
photo 2

And so I began on the N x W collaborative project:
photo 1

photo 2

Until post- dinner time, when I realized that I had already finished my first venture into toy customization.

And it felt great.

photo 5

photo 3

For more details on Pop Con Asia 2014, click here!

For more details on Wetworks’, well, works, click here!photo 3

photo 4



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