Dearest ______,

After bringing Watson home, I knew for certain that I’d fully become a dog person. I was on the dog-cat fence before that.

Still, there’s something undeniably fetching about the other side of that fence. Ah, cats.


Perhaps it’s how it seems like they’ve figured it all out, life.

Or that they know something about it that we don’t.


Whereas I can easily outsmart a hungry pug any given meal time time of the day, a cat seems like it has the resolution of steel.

That’s why it isn’t so hard believing what people say about cats not belonging to people, in as much as people belonging to them.


And when everything and everyone is in a frenzy (our bewildered dogs included), cats just stay put. They can stare blankly as a swirl of activity goes down all around them.

Possibly enjoying the world crash and burn? I kid.


I love our stinky, clingy, fat dog at home, but maybe someday we should get a feline companion too: as, say, a governess for Watson. Heehee. A cat to teach her manners; at least show her how to saunter off like a ballerina.

If we get a fat cat though, that might just be the golden ticket. Game over. The whole fence goes down.



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