Dearest ______,

I’d been quietly arranging both flowers and life in my hometown when Bea suddenly broached the idea of flying to Manila for a long weekend with the band to play… and play. I said HELL YEAH within ten minutes. We’d been gigging together as Narcloudia in Singapore for around four years now, and my new non-status in life had just started making me more open to saying YES to most things these days. It was just about time, kismet and all.

Perpetually the quasi-musician, I’d always secretly dreamt of (somehow being quasi-anything makes you self-conscious of what you want from things) 1) travelling for a band gig 2) playing live in Manila 3) bunking and shuttling around with a band. This probably sounds like an under-achiever’s musical bucket list, but I’ve just started “throwing things out to the Universe”, so forgive me.

Knowing our small pussy fits inside (and sometimes out of) the studio, I was more worried about how we’d keep our- let’s just say- eccentricities and PMSing at bay for four whole days and nights of consecutive gigging and practicing and living with each other (#riotgrrrls). This was a first for all three of us together, after all.

I mean, sure I wanted the gigs to be amazing, but not as much as I wanted to HAVE A SHIT TON OF FUN with my bandmates. A SHIT TON, and no less.

Two full days after our last night of gigging binging in Manila, my body still feels like it’s come from a triathlon in cocaine and Louboutin heels. Three things I’ve never tried in my life, mind you. But I’m tired. And apparently still on such a high.

In case I forget to tell you exactly what happened those four nights (a happily chaotic blur, which adult life forces you to forget as quickly as it happens), let me just add the following to my humble musical bucket list right here:-

4) Play with/ hang out with/ watch out for these truly amazing people: Domini Doms; Stellar Spectre and X!; Japsuki and/or Japs!; Cinema Explosion and Dott Seki!; The Late Isabel and Wawi!; Slow Job; Kate Torralba; Fred ?; Sour Cheeks and Danjo!; Prank Sinatra and Czandrooo!; Read Between The Lions a.k.a. EricJordyTinyJai!; Nouveau Sounds and Meg!; Indie Manila and Monx!

5) Keep going back to the Philippines to play, play, and see everybody who had as much fun as we had those four nights. I’ve memorised all their names, but it might take forever to type them all down. #truth

6) Do everything all over again with my bandmates: anywhere, anytime, any means necessary. They are the craziest, funnest, most talented room mates I’ve ever had the pleasure of sharing all this _____ with (with the exception of my husband who I credit the most superlatives to, obviously). And at the risk of sounding too cheesy, I’ll just say, I love them bitches.

Really though. Nothing but-




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