Dearest ______,

Gong Xi Fa Cai!


Living in Singapore, I’ve learned that Mandarin Oranges are an auspicious symbol of good fortune because “tangerine” in Chinese sounds similar to the word “luck” or “wealth”. Hence you see people gifting households with oranges as a way of wishing a home prosperity and an abundance of happiness. More so during the Chinese New Year season (as it is now), it isn’t uncommon to find small trees bearing these fruits all around houses and buildings to usher in good luck.

This CNY, while I do wish that everybody receives plentiful gifts of “tangerine”, I’m also hoping that we all learn how to pick them off of the trees ourselves. May this Year of the Rooster bring each of us the most effective wake-up calls to earnestly grab opportunities and obligations alike, in wake of all our coming days.

Carpe diem! Or, Carpe them oranges! 



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To Open Sea

Dearest ______,

It’s been (literally) years since I last wrote you. I guess when the swell of life tugs you in- even at its most regularised chaos- it’s still just that, chaotic. Beautiful, ugly, quiet, loud, fast, slow: life has been an onslaught of various waves.  Rest assured, it’s been mostly great, my friend. But amidst all that whirl, I might have forgotten how it is to sit down and just write to you.  I hope you’re still there, buoyed to whatever we have between me here and you there. Wherever that is.dsc_0151

But I’m still here.  And now, I’m writing.

Before I get into the minutiae of the past couple of years though (or not, let’s see how this goes), I guess the most pertinent thing would be that we’ve just turned a new year today.


A lot has been going on around the world these past few years, and it might just be easiest to assume that the coming tide is something that resembles what it’s like going out unto open sea.

I know people who work and stay on boats for long stretches of time. And I hear it gets really lonely sometimes. Even then, despite already knowing the destination, it’s hard enough to get one’s mind to stay on course. Obviously the future in general- 2017– might be harder to navigate.

But we always get there, don’t we?dsc_0127

I myself have launched my own “expedition unto open seas”. Unchartered personal territories (a voyage in as much inwards as out) that might very well test the inner Captain Ahab in me.

But let’s talk about that another time. dsc_0122

For now, I hope we all find what we’re looking for out there. Or in here.


I remain your faithful friend always,



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N x W

Dearest ______,

If you remember that one letter where I wrote about my friend Wetworks (a.k.a. Wwwetworks), you’d know that he’s a toy- maker who has been sending his works all over the world for sale and exhibitions. His latest piece is a tandem made up of a robo- hipster named Norton and his galactic navigator Watson.


The latter, of course, is based on our very own curious pug at home.
Hence the name Watson!

For his next collaborative exhibition at Pop Con Asia 2014 (Jakarta, Indonesia), he generously gave me one of the slots to interpret his N x W series!

As with all things creative, first came the idea:

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friday flora

Dearest ______,

Last Friday (after work), I felt like visiting one of my favorite spots in Singapore.
That is, the stretch of flower markets along Thomson Road.

As of late, I find that the most perfect way to cap days off would be to be surrounded by the simplest things at home- clean beddings, a bunch of beautiful flowers, some nice crockery…

20140614-004907-2947304.jpg I started last Friday’s table bouquet with a stunning bunch of flowers that looked like vegetables. Cabbages, to be exact.

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vegetarian kitchen: bark to basics

Dearest ______,

I saw my Tita Liz (a close family friend, like an aunt) post a mouth- watering dish on her Facebook wall the other day. It was, quite simply,

“Cucumber, tomatoes, and onions marinated in homemade vinaigrette”. Thumbs up.

Now have you ever wanted a pet so badly you end up dreaming that a puppy is licking your face, only to wake up with your own drool sliding down your cheek? A gross analogy, but that’s how the salad kind of made me feel. Sour- salty- crunchy haunted me as much as the Boston Terriers do in my dreams.


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5 signs you’re in a good place

Dearest ______,

I don’t claim to have travelled to as much parts of the world as other people may have, but I do claim this much:  Everywhere I’ve gone to has been pretty damn good.  And I’m immensely grateful to the forces in the universe that will these things to happen.   From these trips, I’ve more or less managed to name a few signs that ultimately make me a happy little traveller.


Of course, we all have our own quirks and individual things of interest, so whatever rocks my boat might not necessarily sway yours.

Here are 5 signs you’re in a good place:

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the how (part 2)

Photo by Halfray (post- processed by Author)

Dearest ______,

Previously, on the how (part 1).

The moment you decide on throwing a wedding party (however small that may be), things are bound to get a little more complicated than, say, winging it in Vegas with an Elvis impersonator and a dinner- for- two. Here are some helpful points though, which afforded us a relatively complication- free intimate wedding party in Singapore:-

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