Dearest ______,

To say that life this past few weeks has been a tsunami of events could be a stretch insofar as metaphors go, but not that long a way from how I personally felt.


A birthday, a wedding, a reunion in all 6 degrees of personal/ continental separations, two trips overseas, a slew of local excursions, etc.


It’s no surprise that I still haven’t gotten my land legs back on! But the universe has been infinitely kind, and I am truly grateful in all this happy chaos.


There’s a shipload of things to tell you! I’ll try to float back to normalcy as quickly as I can. Until then,



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the how (part 1)

Dearest ______,

Previously, on the why.

In Architecture and Design, we’ve long realised that a building or a room is merely an end product; an output. And one that evolves from a three or four year- long grind of design presentations, meetings, arguments, compromise, science, law, and what not.

Both of us being exposed to this kind of work, Jawo and I instinctively applied an almost systematic approach to our own wedding- planning (the wedding being another form of major output in our lives after all; its completion, only 10 months after the project proposal).


In the same manner one tries to leave office work inside the office, we’d decided earlier on that we would keep work on our upcoming nuptials at bay. Simply put, we didn’t want one wedding day (even if it is ours) to take over our daily lives for the next 10 months.

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vegetarian kitchen: buttered asparagus and mushrooms

Dearest ______,

With the exception of the fried tofu which took a light year and a half to bronze over / cook, this was a relatively fast dish to prepare.

While most asparagus and mushroom combinations require the browner species of the loveable fungi (Button Mushroom, Portabello, Shiitake, etc), I got the white clamshell mushroom which is said to be better paired with seafood. For my mediocre tastebuds though, they looked lovely enough with the dish. For this, I used:

Garlic, Mushrooms, Asparagus…
… And fried tofu for much- needed protein.
As soon as the diced tofu had shown signs of bronzing above all that heat and oil and time, I tossed all else into the sizzling pan- including butter, salt, pepper.

And that’s how I quickly made lunch for my work lunch box tomorrow. The end!



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white roses and some pink

Dearest ______,

One of my favourite people in the world just had a birthday last week and a bouquet of her favourite blooms was in order.

I’d already asked her a while back what flowers she liked best and remembered her saying they were white roses. I intend to keep some form of journal to keep track of what flowers people like. Just so.

Remember when you were younger and it seemed the most crucial thing to know what your friends’ favourite colors were? Just so.

Without taking it too literally, I wanted to put some pink with her white roses. Pink being one of the colors she really likes.

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happy bixie

Dearest ______,

I have this slight obsession with throwing surprises.

So when Vhop mentioned that she was planning one for Bea two weeks before the latter’s birthday, a theoretical hand went shooting up inside my brain going “Me! Me! Pick me!”

If we were studying Birthday 101, I would be that annoying student right in front of the class who answered most questions and volunteered all the time. I can’t help it: I want everybody to have an amazing birthday.


True to form, I volunteered to do the decorations.
I find this task very fulfilling simply because:-

1) For birthday decor to become truly meaningful- akin to designing a real house- it ultimately has to bear meaning to the person you create it for.

2) In the process of finding what other people love, you eventually discover or remember the things you actually love about them as well.


For Bea (a.k.a. Bixie), it was, and always will be, all about the music. It is in her very essence, such that dreams sing to her at night and during the day, the world moves around her in diversely exciting cadences.

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the “internets”

Dearest ______,

I count myself lucky to have Iived through one of the biggest (if not the biggest) events in human history. More than just watching the 1900’s get shelved to usher in the 2000’s, I’m talking about how everything else had been shelved by the juggernaut that has been, or is, the Internet.




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