Dearest ______,

The older we get, the more we understand how very little in the world is actually and truly unique. As opposed to many years ago, when we donned (the idea of) our innate uniqueness like an armour (i.e. heartbreaks that no one else had ever felt in the past, goals that were very particular results of our individually unique struggles, ideas that no one had ever thought of before, etc).

Through the years though, we’ve grown to appreciate the thought of shared experiences. With the Internet these days, it’s so much easier to see how “everybody is just like everybody else.” Call it Collective Consciousness, or simply the shrinking of the world: most of us know now of lives similar to ours, only lived across different continents around the world.

With divisiveness and extreme Nationalism being some of the most glaring threats to the World Wide Web free world today, we aim to see patterns in our shared humanity. Humankind, that one true race that trumps man-made geographical borders, societal categories, and religious belief systems.

And we should aim to see patterns, so we can be more appreciative; genuinely accepting of the differences that are inherently sewn into our individualities and even our collective cultures.



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N x W

Dearest ______,

If you remember that one letter where I wrote about my friend Wetworks (a.k.a. Wwwetworks), you’d know that he’s a toy- maker who has been sending his works all over the world for sale and exhibitions. His latest piece is a tandem made up of a robo- hipster named Norton and his galactic navigator Watson.


The latter, of course, is based on our very own curious pug at home.
Hence the name Watson!

For his next collaborative exhibition at Pop Con Asia 2014 (Jakarta, Indonesia), he generously gave me one of the slots to interpret his N x W series!

As with all things creative, first came the idea:

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dresser detox

Dearest ______,

In keeping with these clean times of “detox dieting”, “juice cleansing”, etc, I’ve decided to raid my own dresser over the weekend and detoxify it of accumulated things over the years, the dusty cupboard of unused mishmash that it is has been. The result: an oddly light feeling of fulfillment, almost Zen- like actually.


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Dearest ______,

I don’t know about you, but I kind of find it icky when people try to make a legitimate prefix out of the famous Apple product’s syllable. There’s even a luxury condominium in the works around here that’s called i.Live. Notwithstanding world- class designers doing this project, the development name alone warrants a 5 on the icky scale.


I thoroughly enjoyed almost everything about this year’s light-art exhibitions along the Marina Bay stretch last Friday. Above disclaimer being said, you’ll perhaps understand that 70% of the exception to that night’s enjoyment probably came from the festival’s name itself, which was most succinctly called i.Light. Hrmm.

Other than that minor thing, the lights themselves were really quite lovely. Here were my favorites:

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holy moly holi!

Dearest ______,

First of all, don’t even start asking me what the Indians’ Holi Festival is all about.

I was with a huge group of Indian friends at one of the Holi celebrations in Singapore over the weekend and apart from acceptable midday drink- binging and the sheer happiness of throwing coloured powder and water at friends (more so, strangers), they weren’t so sure themselves.

And so under these limited grounds, we went.



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to the woods

Dearest ______,

Whenever we feel like we’re in a rut, we always think of running to the woods. Not so much because we are an outdoorsy lot (we are not, really) but only because trees are the best companions when it feels like rain.

With our neuroses churning out more episodes than the BBC, we’ve often thought of how nifty it would be to bring the woods right into our own backyard. Apparently, we are not alone in thinking this:

“The Woods” (Norway)
Exquisite hand- blown glass sculptures by StokkeAustad and Andreas Engesvik design studios. (Photo from StokkeAustad, edited to taste)

Bauhaus- looking 3D- printed chess set which doubles as a collection of small planter boxes by XYZ Workshop (Australia).

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future in furniture

Dearest ______,

After living in my apartment for around four years now and going to this nearby mall more times than that, it was only recently when I discovered one particular shop’s mezzanine floor housing reasonably- priced alternatives to (and “inspired” by) pricier designer furniture.


The prices were very tempting, but the simple fact of currently not owning any actual piece of real estate within this part of the world immediately stopped me from actual procurement. “How ever shall we lug these pieces every time we have to move?”

It did not, however, stop other simpler fancies:

“When we have our own place in the future, what pieces of furniture should we buy?”

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