happy bixie

Dearest ______,

I have this slight obsession with throwing surprises.

So when Vhop mentioned that she was planning one for Bea two weeks before the latter’s birthday, a theoretical hand went shooting up inside my brain going “Me! Me! Pick me!”

If we were studying Birthday 101, I would be that annoying student right in front of the class who answered most questions and volunteered all the time. I can’t help it: I want everybody to have an amazing birthday.


True to form, I volunteered to do the decorations.
I find this task very fulfilling simply because:-

1) For birthday decor to become truly meaningful- akin to designing a real house- it ultimately has to bear meaning to the person you create it for.

2) In the process of finding what other people love, you eventually discover or remember the things you actually love about them as well.


For Bea (a.k.a. Bixie), it was, and always will be, all about the music. It is in her very essence, such that dreams sing to her at night and during the day, the world moves around her in diversely exciting cadences.

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surprise, surprise saturday

Dearest ______,

If you really knew me, you’d know well enough just how much I love surprises.  Throwing them, really.  This makes me the worst candidate for any kind of surprise, I guess, since I have every aspect of it (white- lying, logistics, etc) down pat.

Last Saturday was yet another one of these surprises my friend Angel planned to throw for her hubby’s __th birthday.  She had booked a suite at one of the hottest hotels in Singapore today, contacted a caterer, ordered the balloons and the cake… and we basically just helped her do everything else that very day of the party- from cabbing around the city to pick everything up, doing up the room, getting everybody else there on time, etc.

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