N x W

Dearest ______,

If you remember that one letter where I wrote about my friend Wetworks (a.k.a. Wwwetworks), you’d know that he’s a toy- maker who has been sending his works all over the world for sale and exhibitions. His latest piece is a tandem made up of a robo- hipster named Norton and his galactic navigator Watson.


The latter, of course, is based on our very own curious pug at home.
Hence the name Watson!

For his next collaborative exhibition at Pop Con Asia 2014 (Jakarta, Indonesia), he generously gave me one of the slots to interpret his N x W series!

As with all things creative, first came the idea:

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friday flora

Dearest ______,

Last Friday (after work), I felt like visiting one of my favorite spots in Singapore.
That is, the stretch of flower markets along Thomson Road.

As of late, I find that the most perfect way to cap days off would be to be surrounded by the simplest things at home- clean beddings, a bunch of beautiful flowers, some nice crockery…

20140614-004907-2947304.jpg I started last Friday’s table bouquet with a stunning bunch of flowers that looked like vegetables. Cabbages, to be exact.

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lake tekapo: houses

Dearest ______,

Architecture has always been both advocate and adversary to nature. As an ally, it directly responds to elements present in the natural environment it inhabits- works around them, mirrors them.


On another hand, it also aims to question these very same elements by introducing aesthetics and technologies that ultimately make built environments truly habitable for their purpose.

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cardboard cathedral

Dearest ______

I remember reading about a major earthquake that hit Christchurch in New Zealand not too long ago, one which caused great loss in lives and living to key areas of the disaster.
A tragically captivating phrase I caught recently could probably summarize the wake of that calamity in 2011:

“A mansion under English skies;
beautiful as a wreck of paradise.”


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Dearest ______,

I don’t know about you, but I kind of find it icky when people try to make a legitimate prefix out of the famous Apple product’s syllable. There’s even a luxury condominium in the works around here that’s called i.Live. Notwithstanding world- class designers doing this project, the development name alone warrants a 5 on the icky scale.


I thoroughly enjoyed almost everything about this year’s light-art exhibitions along the Marina Bay stretch last Friday. Above disclaimer being said, you’ll perhaps understand that 70% of the exception to that night’s enjoyment probably came from the festival’s name itself, which was most succinctly called i.Light. Hrmm.

Other than that minor thing, the lights themselves were really quite lovely. Here were my favorites:

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holy moly holi!

Dearest ______,

First of all, don’t even start asking me what the Indians’ Holi Festival is all about.

I was with a huge group of Indian friends at one of the Holi celebrations in Singapore over the weekend and apart from acceptable midday drink- binging and the sheer happiness of throwing coloured powder and water at friends (more so, strangers), they weren’t so sure themselves.

And so under these limited grounds, we went.



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accessories access stories

Dearest ______,

Everyone and indeed, everything, has a story to tell. And I enjoy reading/ hearing about them. My hyper-active imagination has led me to scrapes from time to time in the past, but for the most part, it has saved me from unavoidable bouts of ennui born out of a life built around the 7- to- 11 routine.

Over lunch, I realized how unique and individually lovely my colleagues’ baubles (I kind of hate this word, but yeah) were.
So. Stories.

Yvonne’s enamel and gold plated necklace was a Christmas gift from one of her sisters last year.
(from Marc Jacobs)

Tenny purchased her intricate silver jhumka earrings from a boutique in Kochin (India) some four or five years ago!
(from Threads and Silks)

Ying Ying recently made a weekend trip to Penang (Malaysia), where she chanced upon a cutesy cat cafe. She bought her hipster kitty ring from there too.
(from Purrfect Cat Cafe)

Now I wonder, what stories would your accessories tell about you?


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