friday flora

Dearest ______,

Last Friday (after work), I felt like visiting one of my favorite spots in Singapore.
That is, the stretch of flower markets along Thomson Road.

As of late, I find that the most perfect way to cap days off would be to be surrounded by the simplest things at home- clean beddings, a bunch of beautiful flowers, some nice crockery…

20140614-004907-2947304.jpg I started last Friday’s table bouquet with a stunning bunch of flowers that looked like vegetables. Cabbages, to be exact.

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a christmassy bouquet

Dearest ______,

As you may gather from my past letters to you, I truly believe that anything is better with flowers around. On Christmas Eve the other day, I decided to go down the flower markets along Thompson Road again to get something nice for our humble Christmas dinner table at home.


Pale- looking pots of Poinsettia didn’t exactly spell “jolly ol’ time of the year” for me, when I initially planned on getting one or two of those. I scrapped the idea and decided on doing one of my random bouquet arrangements instead.

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white roses and some pink

Dearest ______,

One of my favourite people in the world just had a birthday last week and a bouquet of her favourite blooms was in order.

I’d already asked her a while back what flowers she liked best and remembered her saying they were white roses. I intend to keep some form of journal to keep track of what flowers people like. Just so.

Remember when you were younger and it seemed the most crucial thing to know what your friends’ favourite colors were? Just so.

Without taking it too literally, I wanted to put some pink with her white roses. Pink being one of the colors she really likes.

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a bouquet of tulips

Dearest ______,

If I made a coffee table book compiling my recent forays into floristry, it would probably look like this:


I went back to one of the flower markets across the office for my friend Angel’s birthday. I wanted to gift her a bouquet of flowers (an excuse to dabble) and asked her hubby what her favorite was.

He said, “Tulips!”



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dream job : a flower farmer

Dearest ______,

We wanted to surprise two colleagues from work who were celebrating their birthdays at the same time, so it was a brilliant excuse to finally head down the line of flower farms right across the office.

As soon as I entered the biggest refrigerator on Earth and saw rows upon rows upon rows of fresh flowers and their many sidekicks, I thought I’d died and gone to Florist Heaven.

Allow me to show you a pittance of the lushness that I saw:

Like these Carnations, for one…

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