Dearest ______,

I’d been quietly arranging both flowers and life in my hometown when Bea suddenly broached the idea of flying to Manila for a long weekend with the band to play… and play. I said HELL YEAH within ten minutes. We’d been gigging together as Narcloudia in Singapore for around four years now, and my new non-status in life had just started making me more open to saying YES to most things these days. It was just about time, kismet and all.

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On Work

Dearest ______,

I disagree with people when they tell me: “It’s just work. It’s nothing personal.”

The way I see it, when you spend the majority of your days doing one particular thing– when there are limitless other ways to spend them– Work just gets downright personal! After all, your time (on average 25-30 years of a person’s lifetime) is nothing but yours, personally, isn’t it? So how am I expected to view Work; my chosen vocation as anything but?

With this in mind, some of my work relationships have extended beyond working hours. Some colleagues have become friends, long after tenure. It’s like being in a classroom or an Army camp together. You come out of similar experiences (sometimes enjoyable, sometimes jarring) all slightly different, but also slightly the same by virtue of that singular environment in that certain period of time. And I’ve found that the more jarring the experiences, the more you see what each person is truly made of. Hence, friendships. And also, non-friendships. Heehee.

After almost 5 years on the job, last week was my last at work.

And my own thoughts on Work above are only to say that it has personally been the most exciting and rewarding 5 years of my life, so far: in and out and the blurry in-betweens of Work. In that period of time, I met some of the nicest people (pictured at my farewell dinner last night). Then again, some of the not-so nicest as well. Which, I guess, is to be expected from life in general.


So the next time someone tells me “It’s just work,” I’ll be prepared with a slideshow presentation of everything that “just work” has allowed me to do, achieve, and become through the years.

While I completely agree that there is certainly more to life than just Work– speaking as a proud member of the Working Class– for it to be truly meaningful, Work is and should be so much more that just a job.



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