painting Mr. X’s house

Dearest ______,

Kindness is as universal a truth as suffering. Context, a variable, but never an excuse to overlook that which is constant. That even the smallest act of kindness means two less unhappy people in the world. Or that pain caused by an empty stomach pretty much feels the same way, anywhere you go in the world.

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1) Is selective kindness kind at all?


You hear stories about saints whose goodness touched all types of people and place. There are so few of them in proportion to mankind’s total population though, because it’s almost impossible to be kind to everybody and everything and all the time.

Consider: someone who is devoted to family and friends, who overlooks basic moral codes in the line of such devotion. And when this kind of person goes down, you hear another say, “Oh, but he was such a good guy.” And yet the more common sentiment would be otherwise because the average human being is expected to know right from wrong. Is knowing kindness and then selecting the scope of which or whom it specifically covers- considered kindness at all?

And yet-

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