Dearest ______,

Sometimes I find it staggering how I can get away with playing the drums for 7 hours straight following a usually hectic work week, which includes a slew of social and personal obligations wedged in between or right after.

I approach chaotic schedules as I approach playing- with my extremities sticking out every which way, whacking everything in sight. Drumming is basically multi- tasking. How else do you call the whole body doing various things that ultimately make sense in the end?

A few nice photos Jawo took of my three- piece girl band, Narcloudia, playing right before my eight- piece crazy bus Lupa and the Superstars, two weekends ago:




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one love (reggae fest 2012, malaysia)

Dearest ______,

Last weekend found five of us in Petaling Jaya (Selangor), Malaysia. We took a plane ride up north for this year’s One Love: Reggae Fest (Malaysia), which featured some of the best reggae/ ska/ dub/ dancehall acts this region has to offer. Naturally I was with fellow enthusiasts and/or bandmates and of course it was nothing short of a laugh fest from the moment we all met up at the airport at 4:00 AM. You know how it is with boys- we they will always be like so.

Imagine if you will, what you know of reggae music and its many unique associations… Now take a look at this quaint, chic little place we booked for the night.

The Ryokan Chic Hotel, fashioned after the Japanese sense of scale and style, could not be farther from your average Rastafarian’s taste. The place was really nice though, I think we spent most of our 48 Malaysian hours indoors: sleeping, hanging out, etc. Plus, Rastafarians we are not.

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at the studio

Dearest ______,

We’ve done home- recording before. A bunch of us were camped inside our lead guitarist Mark’s bedroom while John, the saxophonist, was literally playing to Mark’s intimates- he was locked inside the guy’s closet to muffle ambient sound from all around the room (laughter, rude jokes, childish conversations). Three years since then, I have not the slightest idea of what ever became of those sessions’ recordings. Probably not much! Haha!

Now just the other day, the cool guys of Live Amp Studios called us to say that they’d just gotten brand spankin’ new equipment, and that they wanted to try them out on us. Clearly that wasn’t going to involve hiding inside closets and putting socks on microphone heads!

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hair to stay

Dearest ______,

Today is one of those days when I miss my long, black,

looong hair.

Last night was yet another amazing gig at the Prince of Wales.  As what always ensues, again I felt like such a guy after every set.  It does not help that I’ve reverted to my severely blunt haircut of the past teenage years.   Now I am in need of any form of estrogen, even by way of something as superficial or irrelevant as a head of long, flowing, shiny hair.  Le sigh.

Great gig, though!  No mishaps at the drum and beats division.  Atta (little drummer) boy!