Dearest ______,

I’d been quietly arranging both flowers and life in my hometown when Bea suddenly broached the idea of flying to Manila for a long weekend with the band to play… and play. I said HELL YEAH within ten minutes. We’d been gigging together as Narcloudia in Singapore for around four years now, and my new non-status in life had just started making me more open to saying YES to most things these days. It was just about time, kismet and all.

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the weekend in numbers

Dearest ______,

Last weekend was busier than usual, even after discounting time spent going back to the office to finish some work. To validate what I deem to be an uncommon amount of action for my commonly lazy days off, I’d like to appraise said events in numbers. You know, because people seem to take their Maths more seriously and such.

2 – number of hours we spent in a meeting regarding some exciting prospects for our little band, Narcloudia
3 – amount of beers and ramen consumed over said lunch meeting

3 – times le bassiste excused herself from said meeting to smoke outside, haha

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Dearest ______,

If you’re like me, you might also cringe at seeing yourself on video or hearing that foreign- sounding thing that’s actually your speaking voice when it’s recorded.

That’s how I really sound?” Shudder.


These sentiments also apply to when you record my drum- playing.

It’s kind of excruciating when these drum tracks are replayed to me because I hear even the slightest nuisance of a faulty buzz roll or the hesitation of a weak bass kick.



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Dearest ______,

Sometimes I find it staggering how I can get away with playing the drums for 7 hours straight following a usually hectic work week, which includes a slew of social and personal obligations wedged in between or right after.

I approach chaotic schedules as I approach playing- with my extremities sticking out every which way, whacking everything in sight. Drumming is basically multi- tasking. How else do you call the whole body doing various things that ultimately make sense in the end?

A few nice photos Jawo took of my three- piece girl band, Narcloudia, playing right before my eight- piece crazy bus Lupa and the Superstars, two weekends ago:




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