lake tekapo: houses

Dearest ______,

Architecture has always been both advocate and adversary to nature. As an ally, it directly responds to elements present in the natural environment it inhabits- works around them, mirrors them.


On another hand, it also aims to question these very same elements by introducing aesthetics and technologies that ultimately make built environments truly habitable for their purpose.

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geraldine, the quaint

Dearest ______,

Whenever I hear the word quaint, I think of Victorian chintz, fine bone china with gold inlay, an English garden, Miss Marple’s home in St. Marymead, and now, the quiet little town of Geraldine in New Zealand’s southern isles.



On the way to Lake Tekapo for our friends’ wedding, we stopped after a couple of hours from Christchurch to get brunch at this highly- recommended place in Geraldine called Verde Cafe and Deli.

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you, each time

Dearest Watson,

While we were away, it seemed like you turned up everywhere we went.  Each time we thought of you and loudly wondered how you were- if you’d already eaten or gone to bed- we also wondered if you could be thinking of us too.


When we reached Lake Tekapo where Hippie’s parents were getting married, we met Harvey who was half Pug and half Chihuahua.  Harvey’s mum explained how pure pugs like yourself don’t survive the extreme climates of New Zealand.  And that’s why Harvey has a longer snout, so he can breathe better.

He was so kind and friendly, Wats.   If you’d met him, I think you guys would have been instant friends.

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