Dearest ______,

The older we get, the more we understand how very little in the world is actually and truly unique. As opposed to many years ago, when we donned (the idea of) our innate uniqueness like an armour (i.e. heartbreaks that no one else had ever felt in the past, goals that were very particular results of our individually unique struggles, ideas that no one had ever thought of before, etc).

Through the years though, we’ve grown to appreciate the thought of shared experiences. With the Internet these days, it’s so much easier to see how “everybody is just like everybody else.” Call it Collective Consciousness, or simply the shrinking of the world: most of us know now of lives similar to ours, only lived across different continents around the world.

With divisiveness and extreme Nationalism being some of the most glaring threats to the World Wide Web free world today, we aim to see patterns in our shared humanity. Humankind, that one true race that trumps man-made geographical borders, societal categories, and religious belief systems.

And we should aim to see patterns, so we can be more appreciative; genuinely accepting of the differences that are inherently sewn into our individualities and even our collective cultures.



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