coming clean

Dearest ______,

Here’s a secret guilty pleasure:

I like cleaning my bathroom.  I actually do.

I find that there’s something quite methodological about how I do it too.  Almost precise, that it’s kind of become a little ritual for me.  Say,

I tend to do it before taking a bath, so I get to enjoy a long one right after the tiles are all clean and nice- smelling;

I do it in the middle of the night, so I can take my time forgetting the essence of time itself (which I am too much aware of during the day anyway);

I realize that the toilet cleaner solution may occasionally get into my head because I space out with the rhythmic “wax- in, wax- out” movements of my brush;

Without gloves (and mostly in my sorry under garments)-  I scrub from the shower head and all the way down to the grouting of the corner- most tiles.    I have a few exposed pipes in my bath, and I scrub even behind those, also all around my toilet bowl’s rear compartments.  I remember my mother telling me that cleaning should always be a top- down process, so dirt that falls off gets cleaned as you go along.

When I am done (after an hour, on average), I quietly examine my work and feel a little smile on the corner of my mouth.

“Ah, clean.”

For this coming new year, I intend to keep it this way.  All easy- breezy and clean, where complications are easily solved by this personal sense of Zen…  and probably some minimal amount of scrubbing.

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